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In 2015, I discovered something that changed my life forever.
We have always loved traveling, but the time and expense to put together a vacation has always been a dicey experience. I never knew if I was getting the best deal, and many times my expectations didn't match up to the reality of what we had booked. I would rely on travel website reviews, which never really tell the whole story. The traditional way of travel has been re-imagined, and it's called DREAMTRIPS.

DREAMTRIPS, an amazing travel membership club from WorldVentures, is changing the way we travel, much like the way Uber has transformed the transportation industry or Netflix the way we watch television. The membership fees are surprisingly low for what you get, and they actually credit them all back to you so you can TRAVEL SOONER and more often. The website and mobile apps are so simple and stunningly beautiful. They also offer tons of ways to earn towards vacations by doing many of the things we already do like go out to eat and shop online. They also offer an amazing business opportunity which we jumped on right away.

Since 2015, we've been on 9 DREAMTRIPS and have booked a total of 16 vacations using their booking engine. There's so much to see out there, and WorldVentures has got it figured out!

Watch the DREAMTRIPS Videos here!

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